Automatic E - Guide

„ Automatic E – Guide” – audio guide for indoor exhibition premises and outdoor excursions

What is Automatic E - Guide?

„Automatic E - Guide” is an audio guide solution in player, developed by Chinese high-tech company Mix Tech Ltd. „Automatic E - Guide’’ is suitable for indoor exhibition premises (museums, castles, galleries, exhibition halls etc.), as well as for outdoor excursions (zoos, open-air parks, city walks etc.).

In order to receive audio guide service, a tourist has to rent an audio guide player (the device you can see on the picture) for a certain fee at a rental place. Before an audio guide can be used, first a preferred language must be selected, and then by typing in the number of the object, audio commentaries can be listened. Audio guide provides the ability to freely choose a route and audio files in selected order.


Key features:

  • Easy to add and update the content via USB cable;
  • Ability to add up to 10 languages;
  • It is possible to put in not only the audio files, but also text files and pictures on the jpeg. format;
  • There are available 3 different sizes of storage space (1G/2G/4G);
  • It is possible to insert external SD memory card;
  • Audio guide devices are chargeable using provided charger device (simultaneously charges up to 10 devices) or it is possible to charge devices via USB cable by personal PC;
  • Battery provides over 24 hours playing time without charging;
  • It is not possible for users to change audio guide device’s settings;
  • „Automatic E - Guide” can be worn with earphones or it is possible to play audio commentaries via built in speaker.

Further details about „Automatic E - Guide” in English: