Our Expertise

We believe that knowledge and understanding of things happening around the world and accumulated experience contribute to our team´s ability to create and offer modern and innovative technology products to the market.

A number of technological solutions of audioguide systems have been developed and implemented in practice since company´s founding.


The first projects have been implemented in the city of Ventspils – the seat of our company:

  • In 2007, there has been launched a mobile phone audioguide service covering 16 outdoor objects, or a pilot project of the product "mTour PHONE".
  • In 2008, there has been launched and installed an audioguide tour on the excursion boat „Hercogs Jekabs” (Duke Jacob), or a pilot project of the product „mTour GPS”.

Since foundation of our company, we have been elaborated more than 100 professional audio files in several languages.

There have been done more than 10 studies on electronic and audioguide technology solutions in the practice, their development and applications in the countries and cities, such as Russia (St. Petersburg), the Netherlands (Groningen, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam), Germany (Bremen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Dresden, Trier, Mannheim), France (Paris, Strasbourg), Luxembourg, Czech Republic (Prague), Sweden (Stockholm), as well as in Lithuania and Estonia.

We have deliberately chosen as our homebase the Business Incubator – a unit of “the Ventspils High Technology Park”! There are all available resources – such as technology and skills, advice and consultations of experienced experts - the most valuable in helping us to develop and create products that are in the greatest demand in the market.