mTour GPS

„mTour GPS” – audio guide solution for excursion vehicles

What is „mTour GPS”

„mTour GPS” is an electronic guide solution suitable for excursion vehicles such as boats, trams and buses.

Currently the traditional audio guide systems on excursion vehicles are operated manually, therefore audio guide commentary often does not match with the objects within the view.

Thanks to the link between the audio guide „mTour GPS” and GPS (Global Positioning System), the system „comprehends and automatically plays back” the corresponding audio file either to public loudspeakers or wireless headphones when reaching location area of the object. The driver of the vehicle thus can pay full attention only to driving.


Key features:

  • autonomous system playing back automatically corresponding commentary for the specific location in the chosen language;
  • ability to add unlimited number of languages;
  • ability to transmit information to the public loudspeakers;
  • ability to transmit information to wireless headphones, and therefore tourists can move freely around the vehicle;
  • ability to collect statistical data.

Where can be used this technology?

  • on excursion boats;
  • in excursion buses;
  • in excursion trams;
  • on excursion trains;
  • elsewhere.