„mTour MUSEUM” - audioguide solution for indoor exhibition premises and outdoor excursions

What is „mTour MUSEUM”?

„mTour MUSEUM” is an electronic guide's solution based on iPod Touch (Apple) player. It is a specially designed software in the player that allows simultaneously to install an unlimited number of languages for audioguide tours, commentaries in several languages, images, videos, maps and other information interesting for users.

The software also provides statistical data collection and their retrieval to an external database such as Microsoft Excel so that tourist operators can at any time access information on the most listened stories, most popular points of interest, selected languages, as well as to  make a comparison of other quantitative indicators.

In order to receive audioguide service, a tourist has to rent an audioguide player (the device you can see on the picture) for a certain fee at rental places such as hotels, tourist information centers and museums.

Before an audioguide can be used, first a preferred language must be selected, then by typing in the number of the object audio-visual commentaries can be listened and watched. The player delivers the selected commentary and corresponding video footage and/or images.


Where can be used this technology?

  • in indoor exhibition premises (museums, castles, galleries, exhibition halls, etc.);
  • in outdoor expositions (zoos, open-air parks, etc.);
  • in city tours (tourist information centers, bicycle rentals, hotels, etc.)

Key features:

  • 8GB memory capacity;
  • ability to add unlimited number of languages;
  • ability to freely choose the language for listening of audioguide;
  • ability to choose a route and audio files in selected order;
  • customized data collection;
  • ability to enhance audio files with relevant images and videos;
  • ability to see an exposition or city map in the player.