About Us

"AudioGids" Ltd.

  • It has been established on July 7th, 2006 in Ventspils and it is operating in the premises of Business Incubator – a unit of the Ventspils High Technology Park;
  • Basic activities include design, implementation and management of different electronic and audio guide solutions;
  • We offer full implementation of audio guide solutions, including the best choice of technical solution for the specific customer, its installation, elaboration of the text information and its recording in a studio, as well as maintance and regular update of the audio guide solution.


Who are we?

We are a group of strong, creative and young people that work together since 2006. Our common interests and hobbies (such as technology, innovation, development, perfection, history, legends, travelling and a desire to make other people happy) have been the greatest reason why the „AudioGids” Ltd. main activity is linked exactly with the various electronic and audio guides.

In our team are young, active and open-minded people who admire travelling and join inspiring, exciting and up-to-date audioguide tours.

The exceptional joy from well-done work is a source of inspiration for us, and it gives us strength to invest all our creative potential to achieve our objectives:

  • to be the best;
  • to stick to our high quality standards;
  • to provide an individual approach to each client and to offer the best and the most suitable technical audio-guide solution for them;
  • to create a unique adventure for tourists.