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When travellers set off to explore unknown cities, places, and exhibitions, they don´t always have an opportunity and willingness to hire an individual guide. Similarly, in the hasty modern age we have rarely enough time left to carefully read through a tour guide or information on internet before travelling.

Despite the fact that the most highly valued and popular was and will always remain a personal guide, in recent years digital guides and audioguides have become increasingly required.

Any audioguide system consists of 2 main components:

  • CONTENT – audio and visual information embedded in the technology: audio files, pictures, videos, maps, etc.
  • TECHNOLOGY – a professional audioguide device or user-owned device (mobile phone, MP3 or MP4 player, etc.) through which content information can be delivered to the user.

We shall keep in mind that the main reason for the low popularity of audioguides is most often not a choice of inadequate technology, but rather boring and monotonous content. Times, when tourist were glad to listen to monotonous and boring commentaries, are fortunately over a long time ago. To gain recognition nowadays, it is necessary to offer an attractive and captivating story, and an extensive visual information.


So, whatever technology is chosen, one must not forget the most important thing –




More detailed information about our products and services is available in the following subsections

The benefits that tour operators gain when using an audioguide system:

  • an opportunity to gain additional income from the audioguide rental;
  • the range of offered services is extended and image of the company gets improved;
  • an opportunity to attract new visitor groups - young people interested in technology and entertainment;
  • tourists become more informed and this brings a higher level of satisfaction with the received services;
  • an opportunity to collect statistical data on the most listened stories, chosen languages, and similar indicators.

The benefits that tourists gain when using an audioguide system:

  • an opportunity to explore tourist sites and attractions in self-selected order, and language, listening to the stories and following the routes only according to their interests;
  • audio guide services cost less than services of an individual tour guide;
  • an increased satisfaction with the tour because of exiciting information available;
  • an opportunity to receive additional information on entertainment, shopping, restaurants, etc.